Pray for Us


How you can pray for our ministry today:

  • South Africa – For the last several years, we have been taking teams of teacher/facilitators to South Africa to teach the material in seminaries and churches of various denominations all across that country. Pray for those relationships, that we do not miss a single assignment God has for us.  Our next team of teachers will be traveling there in October, 2014 for three weeks.  For regular updates during that trip, “like” our Facebook page here.
  • BooksFive Principles of Unity has been updated for its fourth English language edition, and is now available at the Christian Unity Ministries bookstore here.  Pray that God will continue to place these books into the hands of church leaders and of brothers and sisters in Christ who will benefit from these teachings.
  • Administrative – Our ministry continues to grow, both in scope and in depth.  We feel an increasing calling to follow up with churches with whom we have worked, and to develop vehicles to help churches communicate with us and with each other in the area of Biblical unity.  This year, we have by far the largest budget in the history of this ministry.  We have added staff and are working to add new materials.  Pray for God’s guidance and for both financial and prayer support in this time of great growth.

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