I suppose there are a lot of things which define me, but for purposes of this blog, I am a church mediator. I have consulted with hundreds of conflicted congregations and many more “healthy” (whatever that means) congregations around the world over the last 20 years. This doesn’t make me an expert. I am just a more-than-casual observer (I would say a student) of how the enemy works to break relationships within the church and to destroy our testimony to a watching world. More importantly, I have become a student of what we as the Body of Christ can do about it. Bottom line: I am someone who loves the church, even with all its flaws, and who believes God’s plan to use it to touch this world is a truly amazing plan.

As for the name (church whisperer), I don’t really claim it for myself. I do believe God has gifted me for the work I do, working with churches who want to do relationships the right way.  And I also believe He has given me an understanding of communities of believers and how they work and how they interact with one another.  But the real church whisperer is the Spirit of God Himself, who indwells every believer and who binds us together in unity.

I am a practicing attorney (www.shelton-valadez.com), the executive director of a ministry (www.christianunityministries.org), and I have a love for writing (find my books here). I have an amazing wife and two amazing daughters: one living and working with her husband (a minister) in Dallas, Texas and one at Abilene Christian University.

My time is divided between a law practice and leading a growing ministry. It’s a balance God has been gracious and merciful to allow me for the last several years.

If there is a way I can help you, your church, or your Christian organization, I hope you will contact me through one of my websites above.

Thanks for dropping by. Come back anytime.

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