A Fresh Start! Church Whisperer’s New Home

3 03 2015

I am so very excited to announce that Church Whisperer is now the official blog of Christian Unity Ministries, and starting this week, will be hosted on and published from our website at ChristianUnityMinistries.org. We have had all our best website gurus working on the move, and we HOPE we have done all the heavy lifting for you. So…

If you are accustomed to reading this blog through social media links (such as on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google +), you will not notice any change. Just keep clicking on the link to read the blog posts just like you always have.

If you receive these posts via e-mail, we believe we have made that change for you as well. If all goes according to plan, you will continue to receive the e-mail just like before.

If you typically use the Church Whisperer URL (www.churchwhisperer.com) to find this blog, that is being redirected even as I write this, so that should automatically take you to the new site as well.

If you read this blog through a Reader or RSS Feed, we believe we have transferred those as well, but I confess that I am not completely confident in that. If you want to make sure not to miss any future posts, you might want to resubscribe to our ministry feed (christianunityministries.org/feed).

New post comes this week (Thursday). Everyone think happy thoughts! It’s good to be back.



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